This access statement does not contain personal opinions as to our suitability for those with access needs, but aims to accurately describe the facilities and services that we offer all our guests/visitors.

Access Guide for Monnington House


Monnington House and cottage are situated down a tranquil lane, surrounded by cider orchards and Wye Valley farmland. The house stands in 2 acres of gardens and grounds, with parts being dated back to the sixteenth century. The house is ideal for a rural retreat, a large family gathering or for an actioned packed outdoors holiday with walking, cycling and canoeing on the doorstep.

Monnington House sleeps up to 12 people and has 6 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms (5 of which are ensuite), all of which are on the 1st and 2nd floors. The cottage sleeps up to 6 people in 3 bedrooms each with their own bathroom/shower room. The cottage has a ground floor bedroom (see separate access statement) with an ensuite shower room.

Access to the house is from the west elevation via the courtyard parking area. We have tried to supply you with as much information as possible in this statement. There are floor plans on our website which you can download. Should you have any queries please contact us. We look forward to welcoming you.

We look forward to welcoming you. If you have any queries or require any assistance please phone 01672563571 or email [email protected].

Download and Print Accessibility Statement (PDF)

  • We have a comprehensive website,
  • Bookings and enquiries can be made by email or phone
  • For the best information of how to reach us please use the instructions emailed to you when booking is confirmed. Unfortunately Sat-Nav only takes you to the village not directly to the house
  • The nearest bus stop is at the top of the lane and is approximately 1.4 miles from the house. The service runs between Staunton-on-Wye and Hereford and there are approximately 4 services per day
  • The nearest train station is Hereford which is 8 miles away or alternately Leominster station is 12 miles. Hereford station has taxis available at the station whilst at Leominster station taxis have to be booked in advance, see contact information for details of local taxis.
  • There are supermarket deliveries available from Waitrose, Tesco, Sainsbury and Asda
  • A list of local caterers is available on the website

Key Collection, Welcome and Car Parking
  • The key will be at the house with the owner/housekeeper who will be there to check you in, hence there is not need for key collection.
  • Luggage can be unloaded in the courtyard parking area.
  • The courtyard parking is large and can accommodate up to 10 cars. The parking area has a gravel surface leading to a paved and covered walkway up to the main house whilst access to the cottage remains gravel.
  • Parking is at least 15 meters from the main entrance. The courtyard parking area is accessed by a 35m gravel drive.
  • The area is well lit at night by motion sensor lights.

Entrance to Property
  • The doorway of the main entrance is 96cm wide and the door is hinged on the left.
  • At the start of the flagstoned paved covered walkway there is an initial rise of 21 cm (one step) and it is 125 cm wide. This walkway is 10 metres long.
  • This is lit by 2 external lights statically positioned
  • The floor covering the inside of the entrance is the same as the walkway; flagstones.
    • access via gravel path to a raised flagstone step of 10cm. The door is 80cm wide and is hinged on the left.
    • There is an external outside light

Halls, Stairs, Landings, Passageways
  • The hall has a corridor on the ground level measuring 580cmx 450cm, this area also provides access to the public WC, laundry room, kitchen and snug.
  • The floor covering in the hall is continued from outside and is paved flagstones.
  • The hall also has the access to the main staircase- 13 steps with half landing after 3 steps – 90 cm wide, 25 cm deep and 20 cm high – made of oak. The hand rail is on the right of the stairs of as you climb.
  • HALL 2 (The back hall)
    • Can access this hall from an outside door which is 110cm wide with a step up of 14cm leading onto a built in door mat and then onto wooden floor.
    • The stairs leading up to the first floor has a curve, the first step has a height of 17cm, with the rest of the steps having an average gain of 19cm. These stairs continue with the wooden flooring
    • The doorways leading to the Drawing room and the TV room are both 82 cm wide.
    • At top of main staircase there is a landing with several corridors leading to various bedrooms- minimum width 98cm and maximum width is 104cm
    • Along longest corridor of varying width (104-137cm) there are 3 linen cupboard doors which open into the corridor. These cupboard are private and for housekeeping purposes only.
    • Leading to the second floor stair case there are double glass fire doors with a width of 95 cm.
    • The staircase leading up to the second carpeted and has a width of 70cm and a step height of 22cm. This staircase is quite steep and curved.
    • At the top of the carpeted stairs there is a landing measuring 243x 203cm.
    • Entrance hall is 180cm wide with a paved flagstones.
    • The width between the edge of the stairs across the hallway to the nearest wall is the narrowest part of the hall at 148cm wide.
    • 80cm wide with a step of 20cm.
    • 4 steps up to a corner where there is a larger platform to turn, then the stairs continue with the same dimensions.

Sitting Room/Lounge

There are a series of sitting rooms/drawing rooms within Monnington House, whose accessibility will be examined.

    • Accessible from hall through semi glazed double doors measuring 134 cm wide, this room is on the same level and has the same flooring as the hall.
    • Flagstones with jute rug and underfloor heating
    • The room has a mixture of seating including; a 2 ½ seater sofa (sitting height 45 cm), a comfortable armchair (sitting height 40 cm), a wooden chair with armrests (sitting height 40 cm) and a leather pouffe (sitting height 20cm)
    • There is a fireplace with a wood burning stove with handle height of 30cm and a widescreen digital TV with remote control, subtitles and a built in DVD player.
    • Width of double doors (opening at centre) is 90 cm with a step of 20 cm down from stone floor to wooden floor.
    • 3 sofas all with a sitting height of 40 cm and a total height of 85 cm. The two smaller sofas are 176cm wide whilst the larger of the three is 216 cm.
    • In the centre is a coffee table with a height of 42cm, a length of 169cm and a width of 74cm. This is positioned 68cm away from the closest sofa. This piece of furniture is moveable for better accessibility.
    • The coffee table is placed on a sisal rug which is 200×300 cm.
    • There is a wood burning stove with a handle height of 30cm, this is positioned upon a stone hearth which is slightly raised.
    • A large digital TV with DVD player, subtitles and remote is placed upon a unit with a height of 30cm.
    • On the opposite side of the room to the double doors there is a single door (82 cm wide) leading into a second hallway with the same wooden floor.
    • Doorway 82 cm wide leading from wooden to carpeted flooring
    • Two sofas opposite each other with a sitting height of 53cm, a total height of 90cm and a total length of 270cm.
    • Between the two sofas there is a cow hide covered coffee table of height 29cm, width 94 and length 123cm. This is positioned approx 45cm from each sofa and on top of a rug.
    • There is a wood burning stove placed upon a stone hearth which is raised 7cm above the carpet. The handle of the stove is positioned 30cm above the ground.
    • At the far end of the drawing room there is a games table (height 69 cm) which is 76x76cm in size. This has 4 identical hard armchairs which have a sitting height of 50cm ad a width of 53cm.
    • The access to this end of the room is between a sofa and a sideboard which is 80cm wide.
    • Beyond the games table there is a step up of 13cm to a set of 188cm wide french doors leading onto a gravel path in the garden. There is a small step down to reach this gravel path.
    • Doorway is 80cm wide
    • Sofa is 180cm long, 94 cm deep, 65cm high and has a sitting height of 45cm.
    • The sofa bed is 170cm long, 94cm deep, 65cm high and sitting height is 45cm
    • From the sitting room there is access to a small terrace through a pair of french doors (187cm wide)
    • The floor is wooden with a kelim rug.
    • There is a dining table and 6 wooden chairs of sitting height of 46cm in the sitting room. The table measures 76cm high and its other dimensions are 75cm x 180cm.

Dining Room
  • This area is accessible from the snug and the kitchen, the whole area is open plan hence there are no restrictive doorways once in either the kitchen or the snug.
  • Two tables accommodate a maximum of 20 people. One table measures 400 cm x 80cm and the other measures 200 cm x 80 cm.
  • Space between the table and the exterior wall measures 100 cm. There is 80 cm from the table to the internal wall.
  • Flagstones on floor with underfloor heating
  • There are 3 pairs of glazed doors measuring 190 cm wide – these give access directly onto a gravel path – there is a step down of 15cm
  • The chairs are all moveable; they are all made from water hyacinth and have a padded cushion. There are no chairs with arms in the dining area.
  • This room is lit by the natural light from the French windows and a series of wall lights.

  • The kitchen is located at the end of the hall through semi glazed double doors measuring 118 cm.
  • The flooring is a continuation of the majority of the ground floorthe paved flagstones.
  • The counter worktop height is 91cm, there are no overhead cupboards hence all storage within kitchen is below this height.
  • There are 2 ovens with drop down doors. The height of the lowest shelf is 40 cm
  • There is a 4 door aga – its full height is 90cm
  • The double integral sink is at 90 cm high
  • The island is at 92 cm high and measures 124cm x 248 cm and accommodates the 4 ring induction hob and 2 ovens
  • The island is situated 130 cm from the aga and 160 cm from the counter worktop housing the sink
  • American style fridge freezer with ice maker. The highest shelf in the fridge is 150 cm and the lowest shelf in fridge is 80 cm. The highest shelf in the freezer is 140cm and the lowest shelf is 65 cm. The ice maker is positioned at 110 cm high
  • Cutlery is housed in 2 drawers in the island
  • Crockery is housed in the cupboards under the counter
  • Glasses are housed in the Chinese cupboard in the dining area
  • A kitchen inventory is available upon request
  • Evenly lit above work surfaces
  • An extractor fan is situated close to aga and hob
    • Doorway of the main hallway is 81cm and is hinged on the right
    • The height of the kitchen table is 72cm, its width is 61cm and its length is 106cm.
    • The kitchen units height is 91cm.
    • The oven is under the counter with a hob on top of at 91cm high. The the handle to pull open the oven is 62 cm from the floor.
    • Fridge/freezer is 60cm wide, 185cm high. the Freezer is 80cm and is below the fridge, which is 100cm high and is hinged on the left hand side.

Bedrooms and Sleeping Areas
  • BEDROOM 1 (First Floor) known as Panpantum
    • Access from central landing with old wooden door of width 85cm.
    • Super King bed height is 65 cm, 180 cm wide and 200 cm long (zip and link)
    • At the end of the bed there is stool which is 163 cm in length and height of 50cm.
    • There is a dresser/desk which is 74 cm high and 112cm in length.
    • The TV is situated on a bookcase at a height of 117cm and a width of 92 cm.
    • Distance from wall to left hand side of bed is 160 cm and on the right hand size this is also 160cm.
    • The floor is carpeted and has a kellm rug
  • BEDROOM 2 (First Floor) known as Tatiana
    • The doorway off the central corridor is 82 cm wide, leading onto a small passage which is 97cm wide.
    • The twin beds have a height of 65cm, 90 cm wide and 200 cm long. The beds are positioned 60cm, which at the head of the bed is taken up by a small bedside table of height 72 cm.
  • BEDROOM 3 (First Floor) knows as Agata
    • Superking bed height 65 cm, 180 cm wide and 200 cm long (zip and link) positioned 58cm on the right hand side and 155cm on the left hand side.
    • The doorway situated at the top of the stairs is 74 cm wide.
    • To the left is a chest of drawers with a TV upon it is 104 cm high x 107 cm in width.
  • BEDROOM 4 (First Floor) known as Bukkhota
    • Doorway at the top of the second stairs is 80 cm wide.
    • The Superking bed is 65cm high, 180 cm wide and 200 cm in length (zip and link).
    • To the right of the bed leads into a hallway (75 cm wide) with a door of 80cm, this leads into the bathroom.
  • BEDROOM 5 (Second Floor) known as Old Rose
    • Twin beds with a height of 65 cm, 90 cm wide and 200 cm long (zip and link), there is a gap of 50cm between the two beds
    • At the base of the twin furthest from the door there is a chest of drawers 56cm away, which has a TV placed upon it at a height of 106cm.
  • BEDROOM 6 (Second Floor) known as Red Paisley
    • At top of stairs turn left into a narrow section of the landing (71cm wide) to a door which is only 73cm wide.
    • Super Kingsize bed measuring a height of 65cm, 180 cm wide and 200 cm (zip and link) there is plenty of room either side of this bed (150cm and 190cm to each wall)
  • COTTAGE BEDROOM 1 (Ground Floor Bedroom bedroom) known as Kemlscott
    • 2 doors leading from the main hallway measuring 81cm wide
    • wooden floors
    • Twin beds 84cm apart- the right hand bed is 5cm away from the door and the left hand bed is 19cm from the far wall.
    • The bed height id 65cm, 90 cm wide and 200cm long. (zip and link)
    • There is a built in cupboard with doors 77cm wide.
    • An external door leading measuring 78cm wide with a step up of 10cm onto paved step which leads onto gravel courtyard.
  • COTTAGE BEDROOM 2 (First Floor) 2 known as Geiger
    • Doorway 81cm
    • Superkingsize bed , 65cm high, 180 cm wide and 200 cm long (zip and link)
    • Bedside table height also 66cm
    • French doors onto a small railed balcony 88cm wide
    • the balcony dimensions are: width 149 x depth 43 x height 113 cm
  • COTTAGE BEDROOM 3 (First Floor) known as China White
    • Doorway off main upstairs landing 81cm.
    • Twin beds positioned 65 cm from right hand wall. gap of 30cm between them
    • bedside tables have a height of 70cm.
    • They measure 65cm high, 90 cm wide and 200 cm long

Bathrooms, Shower-rooms and Toilets
  • BATHROOM 1 (First Floor) ensuite to Panpantum
    • The access is through a doorway of 82cm, on the back of the door is a full length mirror.
    • The bathroom has a floor of faux wood vinyl.
    • Left hand side of the room is a bath with a height of 54 cm and a width of 79cm and a length of 194 cm. This has centralised tap.
    • At the end of the bath there is a shower unit with a step in height of 23cm, with a sliding door leaving a doorway of 47cm. The total area of the shower is 170 x 70cm. The control height is 90cm and there is a shower rack at 110cm.
    • Opposite the shower and bath is a double sink unit, which has a height of 90cm and a length of 142 cm. The distance between the two sinks is 31 cm.
    • Behind the door 85 cm away from the sink is WC which has a seat height of 42cm.
  • BATHROOM 2 (First Floor) ensuite to Tatiana
    • The doorway is 74 cm wide leading straight onto the WC with a height of 42 cm.
    • An old fashioned roll top bath is located to the left of the doorway which has a height of 64 cm, width 79cm and length of 190 cm.
    • In the corner there a shower unit with a step of 27 cm and a double door width of 54 cm. The control height is posited at 95cm above the shower tray and the shower rack is 119 cm above the tray.
  • BATHROOM 3 (First Floor) ensuite to Agata
    • From the bedroom is a doorway of width 80cm and a step down of 9 cm.
    • The WC is positioned straight ahead with a seat height of 42cm; this is posited 33cm from the wall on the left hand side.
    • The bath as a height of 53cm, length of 170cm and width of 69 cm.
    • In the corner there is a shower unit positioned 23 cm from the bath. This has a step up of 27 cm and a double door width of 54 cm.
    • The sink is 83cm high, 62cm wide and 46cm deep.
  • BATHROOM 4 (First Floor) ensuite to Bukkhota
    • Doorway leading from the corridor into the bathroom is 83 cm wide. There is a change from carpet to vinyl flooring in the bathroom.
    • On the right hand side as you enter is a towel rail positioned below a small window.
    • In the bathroom there is a sink (H-83cm, W-62m, D-46cm), a bath (L-168cm, W-68cm, H-54cm) and a shower, with a maximum entry width of 38m.
    • The WC seat height is 40cm.
  • BATHROOM 5 (Second Floor) ensuite to Old Rose
    • Change from carpet to vinyl flooring
    • WC with seat height of 40cm, positioned 45cm from the bath.
    • The bath is 69 cm wide, 53 cm high and 168 cm long.
    • Sink unit with a height of 82 cm, width of 62 cm and a depth of 50 cm.
  • BATHROOM 6 (Second Floor) adjacent to Red Paisley
    • Doorway of bathroom accessed from the main landing is 60cm wide.
    • Bath with a height of 54cm, WC with seat height of 42cm and the distance between the bath and WC is 16cm.
    • There is no shower unit but there bath does have an extendible hose.
    • There is reduced head height in this bathroom , with the minimum ceiling height being 132 and the maximum ceiling height is 262 cm.
  • COTTAGE SHOWER ROOM 1 (Ground Floor) ensuite to Kelmscott
    • Doorway 81cm
    • WC is 30cm from doorway with a seat of 44cm. The loo roll holder is positioned on the nearest wall 43cm away at a height of 83cm.
    • The shower door has width of 64cm and a step up of 20cm. The shower control is positioned at a height of 115cm.
    • The sink is 83cm high and is located 24cm from the nearest wall.
  • COTTAGE SHOWER ROOM 2 (First Floor) adjacent to Geiger
    • Doorway of main landing is 72 cm wide
    • Corner shower has a doorway of 54cm and a step up of 18cm
    • Sink unit is 80cm high and the WC has a seat height of 41cm
  • COTTAGE BATHROOM 3 (First Floor) ensuite to China White
    • Doorway 81cm
    • Bath has an overall hight of 50cm and a width of 69cm.
    • The WC has a seat height of 41cm

Laundry/Utility Room
  • The laundry room is:
  • Located adjacent to hall and accessible through door measuring 82 cm wide
  • There are two a front load washing machines
  • There is a front load tumble drier
  • There is a butlers sink inset into counter top which measures 90cm high
  • There is an overflow fridge freezer. The lowest shelf in the fridge measures 110 cm and the highest 150 cm. The lowest shelf in the freezer measures 20 cm high and the highest at 60 cm.
  • There is a microwave positioned on counter top at 90 cm high
  • There is access to the herb terrace through door 78 cm wide
  • Located at the end of the laundry with access through a door measuring 76 cm wide is a Larder which has stone shelves; the lowest at 100 cm high and the highest at 160 cm.
  • Also accessibly from the laundry room via a door measuring 78cm wide is the Boot room. This is also accessible from the walkway through a floor 107cm wide- this is the nearest entrance to the house from the carpark as it is only 5 metres from the start of the walkway. In this room the coat hooks are positioned at 160cm high.
  • The flooring throughout all of these rooms remains the paved flagstones.
  • The light is given by a series of spotlights, hanging ceiling lights and wall lights.

  • There is a south facing terrace which is accessible from the dining area where there is a step down from the french doors of 15cm. The access is by a gravel path of 75cm. On this terrace there is a large table and chairs for al fresco dining and gas bbq
  • The paved terrace measures x by x
  • The rest of the garden is mown flat lawn, with some flower beds.
  • Off the laundry room there is a small terrace with herb garden.

Additional Information
  • A dog is welcome by prior arrangement. We make you aware we are located on the edge of a working farm where dogs and livestock live. Your dog should be obedient at all times.
  • Mobile reception is poor.
  • The nearest General Hospital is in Hereford (8 miles)
  • The Games Room is accessed from the gravel courtyard over cobble stones. These are uneven. There is a step up into the games room of xxx… The room measures x by x and houses a pool table cm high, cm wide by cm in length. There is also a table football table measuring. xxx
  • The rustic table tennis room is also accessed beyond the gravel courtyard and by cobblestones which are uneven. It has a concrete floor (rough surface)



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